Sebastian "Bast" Cooper

Human Fighter


After the Pink Wave of Flame, Bast’s eyes changed to silver iris, with red Sclera.


Bast had left the Order of Iomedae, after refusing to carry out a just but terrible order. He had refused to execute goblin noncombatants after a skirmish with goblin raiders. The Knights did not want to leave living that would potentially one day become enemies.
Lost and alone on the road, Bast lost everything to a small group of deserters who had taken up as bandits. He wandered penniless to a nearby village was taken in by a half elven hedge knight named Esme, a follower of Cayden Cailen. She taught him that there are different ways to have faith, and that worship could be a give and take.
For their first adventure together she took him to where he was ambushed, and they tracked down the bandits together. They watched the bandits for a bit, and realized that they never seemed to kill their victims, or rob anyone who looked exceedingly poor. She spoke with them, offering to help them find employment as caravan guards on the condition that they stop their crimes.
As they drank with the former bandits, celebrating a peaceful resolution Bast was amazed, surely had he still been a knight of Iomedae he’d have been ordered to carry an execution out against them to set an example against banditry.
After a few more such adventures she told him of her intentions to travel to Drakna Isle. He had a few things to take care of first, but he agreed to meet her there when he had tied up his loose ends on the mainland.
He found little sign of her when he arrived at Drakna Isle, however.

After rescuing Esme from Cultists, Bast choose to remain at the guild house and take care of his injured friend.

Sebastian "Bast" Cooper

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