Jurgen “JB” “Jables” Bronzebeard

Dwarven Sorcerer (Draconic)


After the Pink Wave of Flame, JB’s eyes changed to maroon iris, with green Sclera.


Jurgen “JB” “Jables” Bronzebeard is the coolest muthafuckin dwarf to ever come out of the Fanghur Mountains. He’s unusually handsome for a dwarf and he knows it. He’s a nice guy at heart but isn’t above using his good looks to get special treatment around town. According to the old family legend, Jurgen’s ancestor, Dane Bronzebeard, once pried a particularly nasty piece of crystal out of the foreclaw of the mighty Askook himself, where it had become quite painfully lodged. In thanks, Askook imbued Dane with some of his draconian powers. The legends vary on what specific powers he gained, some say he could spit lightning like Askook, others say he grew mighty wings and claws, others say he merely gained wisdom and long life. But all of the legends agree that that blessing is the reason the Bronzebeards have ever since had small silvery streaks running through their otherwise auburn hair.
Jurgen’s family runs a moderately successful trading post on the slopes of one of the largest settlement in the Fanghur Mountains. And I mean IN the mountain; the small city of Asghur is built into the walls of the hollowed out mountain. The city itself is a marvel of engineering, with a veritable jungle of midair tracks and lines and bridges to provide transportation of goods and citizens alike. A massive bridge trisects the emptiness forming a sort of platform at the center. There is not much magic in the city and it is almost exclusively used by the master builders working to keep the city-within-the-mountain structurally sound and in good repair. These clever dwarfs weave magic into their stonecutting and shaping to carve and modify buildings into the very mountainside itself and maintain the bridges and pathways that allow pedestrian access to all levels of the city. In more recent years, personal gliders have been adopted as the preferred method of transportation for most dwarves and as such, the newest generations in the city have grown up playing with small gliders and are subsequently not nearly as afraid of heights and flying as most dwarves. Jurgen is among this new generation of flying dwarves. He was one of the more accomplished fliers of his age group, who called themselves the ‘Buzzards’, an allusion to their penchant for ‘buzzing’ over the heads of poor, hapless citizens.
When he wasn’t terrorizing the city with his friends, young Jurgen would help his parents around the shop and was often fascinated by the travelers coming in to sell their exotic wares. He loved to sit behind the counter with his mother while they told the stories behind the trinkets and oddities they brought with them. One day, a traveler came into the shop looking very excited. She spoke of an island across the sea that was imbued with an ancient magic, where elves and dwarves had struggled for centuries to control and command its secrets. Although the war was long over and peace now reigned, she said, powerful magics still permeated the land. The source of this extraordinary power, if the legends are to believed, even drew the nine legendary dragons to the island where the fought bitterly amongst themselves. She then opened her traveling sack to reveal various potions and magical tools and began haggling with Jurgen’s father. JB had seen this part before and quickly lost interest. He hurriedly finished his chores and scampered off to find the other Buzzards and tell them about the mysterious Drakna Isle. That night, Jurgen’s dreams were full of dragons and he awoke feeling that it was his destiny to go to this Drakna Isle and discover what secrets it held.He told his parents about the dream he had had and, after some coaxing by his mother, his father conceded that the traveler from Drakna had indeed brought several items of significant worth. As long as Jurgen promised to seek out trade contacts on the island, his father was willing to give his blessing. And so, armed with a dusty old warhammer, big dreams, and his rugged good looks, JB set off on his journey to Drakna Isle, in search of trade, ancient magic, and answers.

-JB is used to being the attractive, popular guy in the room and may be in for a surprise when he ventures outside of his all-dwarf home.
-He detests bullies and those who prey on the weak and feels compelled to stand up for the little guy
-He thinks of himself as being this powerful, confident guy, and takes it hard when he can’t act or fails to act
-He loves small animals and has always wanted a lizard for a pet
-His favorite ice cream flavor would be chocolate chocolate chip because he likes crunching the bits and imagining that he’s crushing rocks with his mighty jaws

Jurgen “JB” “Jables” Bronzebeard

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