Gerred Jadebringer

Dwarven Cleric



Gerred Jadebringer

Dwarf from a hill community on the mainland. He stands 4’3" and solid like the rock he likes to dig and search for treasures.. Has a Strong head of hair and Beard of Jet Black hair, with Silver eyes and a deep Grey skin tone.. Gerred is quiet and watchful, but you can see he loves to talk especially about his favorite topic. Geology … He loves to Dig, and cut Gems, he will make Jewelry but it is the cutting of the perfect stone he loves.

He is dressed like a warrior with a Chain Shirt, and carries a short spear in hand. But on his hip is a Heavy Pick that serves him for digging and digging into evil…

Ferrakus is the Lord Beneath, and Gerred’s Deity of choice. As such Gerred will only stand last or 2nd to last watch. To recover his spells he must have 6hrs of uninterrupted sleep.


After the Pink Wave of Flame, Gerred’s eyes changed to solid black iris, with solid white Sclera.


I trained as a Gem cutter for 20 years and walked away from it and joined a very small religious group of Ferrakus, after finishing training I was ready to be a Dwarf and set out on a journey to find Gems… I found myself in a port city in just days and was drinking with some other dwarves when they said they were leaving port the next morning for Drakna Isle, as soon as I heard the name I asked to come. They were short a “cabin boy” and having a priest on board is always a good thing. I basically did everything everyone else didn’t want to do and didn’t require skill. It was only 1 day out to sea that I realized I don’t know how to swim. The rest of the trip was not much fun. I learned a few knots, and a few terms, and where to and not to stand. We had one strong blow, so I got to experience that. So today I stand on the Island of Drakna in the city of Eraerio in the Adventure’s Guild hall looking for a group that will take me all over the island to find gems. If I can I will buy any gems you have, and when it comes to treasure, I’ll take gems instead of coin. Or at least that is the plan once I have a little coin saved up to cover expenses.

Gerred Jadebringer

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